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Women of Grace

The mission of Women of Grace (WOG) is to encourage women to grow in Christ through the Word and through building relationships with one another. Over the years, this ministry has offered a wide variety of opportunities for women in the body at Grace (and their friends!) to connect with one another and the Lord.

To encourage women to grow in Christ through the Word, WOG provides several short-term (3 to 4 week) Bible studies throughout the year. Women of Grace have discussed together what it means to show up for those who are suffering, how to put on the armor of God, why it is important for us to develop relationships with those who are different from us – and many other topics. WOG also promotes several conferences, retreats, and special speakers each year and offers discipleship small groups.

To encourage women to build relationships with one another, Women of Grace schedules a diversity of events and activities each year. Some of these have included picnics, road trips, Korean cooking classes, park days, book swaps, parenting workshops, beach days, self-defense classes, a showcase of talents, bonfires, craft workshops, showers for the pregnancy help center, and meetings for breakfast or lunch in local restaurants. They also have prioritized sharing with one another the stories of their journeys with Christ.


Would you go out into a firefight alone? No wingman, no buddy to watch your back? We have a saying, “Two is One, One is NONE.” The bigger the number, the stronger we fight! Men at Grace connect at retreats, special events, and in discipleship groups. Call Bruce McFall for more info (302) 222-9777.

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