Basketball (Covid-19 Guidelines)

Grace Church Basketball

Update June 1, 2021

Sunday 4-6 pm except when raining

Monday 12-2 pm

Wednesday 12-2 pm

Friday 12-2 pm


  • Maximum 15 players a session; $1 per day cash or cash app to $gracedover
  • Fully Covid Vaccinated players do not need to wear masks.
  • The governor’s and CDC guidelines highly encourage masks for unvaccinated players, for the protection of others who are not vaccinated, as well as for themselves.
  • Use hand sanitizer or wash hands before entering gym & exiting building.
  • No one should come if running a temperature/sick.
  • 3 foot social distancing between players seated on sidelines (i.e. when not playing)
  • No unsupervised children.
  • Before ball on Sunday night or Monday, take down chairs and put on rack in closet (50-70 from Sunday morning service).
  • After ball each day, clean bathrooms if soiled, and remove any trash from gym and bathrooms.
  • After ball on Fridays, put 50 chairs out from rack in closet.


Contact Jeff Rakes (302) 857-0102