Reopening Team Update

Here’s the latest good news from the Reopening Task Team as we seek to glorify Christ, love one another, and witnessing to the community in our response the pandemic. The team, after considerable research, collaboration and energy, has received Pastoral Staff approval for the following plan to expand use of the church building beginning September 20.

  • Daily use of the building can begin again as long as we are following the guidelines for cleaning, social distancing, hand sanitizing, wearing face coverings and staying home when you are sick, whether COVID-19 or not.  
  • Sunday School, Children’s Worship and Kid’s Korner can begin following the prescribed guidelines and protocols: 
    • Face coverings, (This is for ages 5 to adult per the governor’s 25th modification of the state of emergency. 4 and younger is at the parent’s discretion for face-coverings.), social distancing, (For adults it is 6ft, for children 3ft social distancing minimum) hand sanitizing and staying home if you are sick. 
    • Cleaning and a checklist of how to pre-clean, post clean. Cleaning supplies are provided for each room. Room capacities are posted in each room.
  • Use of the gym for activities is permitted but not yet for sports or exercising. 

All scheduling of building use should go through the office.

Parents, please see the special email which was sent about Children’s Sunday School and Kid’s Korner for more information. 

Pray for us! Pray for the Church as we navigate the constantly changing waters of COVID-19!