Building and Grounds Update – Summer 2020

Despite the continuing general shutdown, we continue to advance our projects. Much time has been spent by Mike Arthur (Facility Manager) and Bob Bradley (Church Custodian) working with the Reopening Committee to make sure our buildings are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each week so that we may continue to do in-person worship on Sundays. Volunteers are still needed by the Reopening Committee just to help with the pre and post cleaning work we need to do to hold the few on-site activities we currently do.

On other projects that we have advanced over the summer, the doors between the Multi-Purpose Room and the first-floor hallways in the North Building have been repaired. Volunteers painted classroom N203, our maintenance storage sheds, and the church secretary’s office. The paint stenciling on the parking spaces for visitors near the main entrance to the Sanctuary from the parking lot is also now complete. During the month of June, we also had vandalism damage to some of our outside lights on the South Building. Committee members worked with Mike to select replacement lights that are architecturally more pleasing and provide better lighting around our outside access points.

Our parking lot islands have been cleaned, mulched and planted by the volunteers watching over them and they look as good (if not better) than last year. We still have some landscape areas available for adoption and the placement of annual flowers, if anyone is interested to take responsibility. They include:
1.      The island around our sign in front of the church
2.      The landscape strip along the sidewalk in front of the Nursery
3.      The landscaped area in front of the Multi-purpose room
4.      The landscaped area along the Connector Hall
Those interested in taking on the duties of adding Spring mulch, seasonal weeding and adding annual flowers to beautify the churchyard, please fill out the attached form to claim your area and email it to Mike Arthur (Facility Manager) or mail it to the church office.

Our Financial Report shows that we remain within our allotted budget of $29,300 for the year and we should have sufficient funds for this Fiscal Year (ending 8/31/2020). We also still have a little over $15,000 in our major project reserve savings account. In addition, members have contributed over $19,000 into the Future Growth Building Fund and, as promised, we are now moving forward on our next growth projects, the overhang roof over our North Building exterior doors, a new second floor storage closet and a porte-cochere (covered driveway drop-off) at the North Building. We are contracting with an architect to finalize our design and help us obtain building permits to construct some of these projects next year.

Questions on any Building and Grounds project can be directed to Mike Arthur (Facility Manager) or any of our committee members; Holly Pfeifer, John Tullis, Jay Pearson, Robert Jones, Dave Brown, Fred Janssen, Dona Kauth and Ray Harbeson (Chair). New Committee Members or Building and Grounds email advisors are welcome at any time. Please contact Mike Arthur or Ray Harbeson, if interested.