Building and Grounds Update – Summer 2022

Since our last report, our project to upgrade our security system to allow electronic key cards instead of keys to access our building is ready to start and should be complete by the end of August.  We have also completed our project to add gutters to our pavilion. We still need to regrade the area around the edges of the pavilion to eliminate the ponding of water after a rain.  Likewise, we continue to work on regrading and improving the drainage in the landscaped areas on the front of the church along the Connector Hall and the Multi-Purpose Room.

Our plans to construct the “porte-cochere” (driveway cover) at the access door of our North Building, have again been put on hold and pushed back at least another year.  As we reported in our last report, we have had difficulty in finding any contractor to undertake our project.  After talking to a number of contractors, we did secure one bid for $128,212.  Since we originally estimated this project to cost between $50,000 and $60,000, we have seen the cost of materials nearly double and building construction demand increase to such a level that contractors only want to take on large high profit projects. The committee made the decision that it would not be a responsible use of our Building Fund to go forward with the project now, even if we could raise the additional funds necessary to cover this high bid.  We will continue over the next year to raise additional funding, review our plans for potential cost savings, wait for material prices to return to more normal levels and wait for the building construction market to return to normal. We also continue to wait on a response from the City of Dover on our formal letter request for an extension of our Site plan approval to cover this project.

Our Financial Report shows that we remain within our allotted budget ($36,300) for the year, with $22,298.96 costs to-date for the first 9 months of our Fiscal Year and we should have sufficient funds for the remaining FY (ending 8/31/2022).  Likewise, we are within budget ($42,600) for our utility and insurance costs with expenses through May totaling $25,059,25.  We have $56,153.73 in our major project reserve savings account, which will help pay for our security project this year and the rest of our South Building siding project next year. We also have $47,228.74 in our emergency contingency fund.  In addition, members have now contributed $50,961.56 into the Future Growth Building Fund, which will eventually pay for our porte-cochere project.

We again want to extend our appreciation to all the volunteers who continue to do the landscape work to keep our parking lot islands looking so attractive. We still have some islands available for landscape adoption, if anyone is interested to take responsibility.  They include:

  1. The landscape strip along the sidewalk in front of the nursery
  2. The landscaped area in front of the multi-purpose room
  3. The landscaped area along the connector hall

If anyone is interested in taking on the duties of adding Spring mulch, seasonal weeding and adding seasonal flowers to beautify these areas of the churchyard, please contact Mike Arthur (Facility Manager) or the church office.

Questions on any Building and Grounds project can be directed to Mike Arthur (Facility Manager) or any of our committee members; Holly Pfeifer, John Tullis, Jay Pearson, Robert Jones, Dave Brown, Fred Janssen, Dona Kauth and Ray Harbeson (Chair).  New Committee Members or Building and Grounds email advisors are welcome at any time.  Please contact Mike Arthur, Ray Harbeson or any of our pastors, if interested.