Care Team Initiative

The past 2+ years have been difficult for all of us. Almost every area of our lives have been changed in some way. While we have experienced much pain and loss, there have also been times of joy and healing. Regardless of what we have been through, we can firmly say that God is still in control and he is still a good and faithful God.

One of the hardest aspects of COVID-19 for us as a church has been the inability to meet together consistently and enjoy one another as we did before the pandemic. Unfortunately, this has resulted in some obscurity about attendance, whereabouts, and accountability within our church body. Our church staff and leaders have strived to fill in the gaps and care for the church to the best of their abilities, but there have still been some who have been left on the fringes or left uncared for. Thus, in order to close the gap, through much prayer and thought, we have organized the Care Team Initiative.

Scripture is filled with verses about how we, the body of Christ, are to help, serve, admonish, pray for, and love one another. Through Christ, we have been called to build up and edify the church, and strive earnestly for its purity, peace, and unity. Therefore, we have created a Care Team consisting of the members of the Diaconate (Deacons and Deaconesses), the Session (Elders), and Women’s Advisory Board. We hope to establish a communication chain that will enable leadership to reach every person in our congregation that is considered a regular attender. Each Care Team member has been assigned a list of congregants to contact at least once per quarter. Our prayer and hope is that this initiative will help further unite our church and also bring to light any needs and concerns within our church.

The purpose of this Care Team is not to burden you or keep you under surveillance. Rather, it is to make you feel known and loved by our church. We want to know how to serve and love you, how to pray with you, and how to better connect you with the rest of the church. Think of the Care Team as your personal liaison to the church. Of course, we also encourage you to
personally reach out to a pastor or leader in the church whenever you have a need.

In the coming months, you will begin receiving contact from your Care Team Member. We hope this will be a blessing to you and encourage you in the Lord. We are very excited to be able to begin the Care Team Initiative and look forward to how God will use this to build up His Church. Above all else, let us constantly pray for our fellow brothers and sisters, the church that God has given us, and give all glory to our heavenly Father.

In the love of Christ our Lord,

Grace Pastoral Staff