Church Offering Envelopes

The church contract for weekly offering envelopes has expired.  The cost of these envelopes has risen over the years to over $5,000 and many of our members have requested we not send them out because they no longer use them, since they make online contributions or instruct their bank to send checks directly to the church.  Many others, however, have expressed a need to have the envelopes, because they give cash, or they use the envelopes to keep track of their giving.  The Finance Committee will conduct a survey over the summer to determine which of our attendees still need envelopes and which ones do not.  We will then order envelopes for all who request them.  Hopefully, this review will allow us to eliminate waste, save money and still provide offering envelopes to all who need them.  Please bear with us during this review.

During the interim, there are blank envelopes in the back of the Sanctuary and in the card holders on the back of the chairs that can be used by those attendees that need them.  Please just write your name on the blank envelop so your contribution can be recorded under your name.

Thank you,

Grace Finance Committee