Clarifying COVID Changes

To the Saints of Grace in Dover, Delaware,

I am writing to you to clarify our communications last week about masks and vaccinations. We didn’t intend to imply that masks or vaccinations are required of anyone in church services or activities. We did intend to point out what changes were made to the state of emergency and the CDC’s guidelines, but it was not an endorsement of them. It merely was to say what they recommend or encourage concerning vaccinations and masks.

It was also our intention to say that each person should follow their own conscience before the Lord as to how they respond to the governor’s modification and the CDC’s guidelines. Just as you do in other settings. (Most businesses and restaurants are doing the same thing. They’ll show you the guidelines and leave it up to you how you respond.) There is no mask requirement for SS teachers, Kids Korner workers. And parents are certainly free to supervise their children on masks and vaccines.   

Lastly, it was also our intention to encourage you that amid a diversity of opinions about masks and vaccines, to exercise the scriptural principles of walking in love, showing deference to a brother or sister whose conscience, in these disputable matters, is different than yours (Romans 14:5-9), and so pursue the things that make for peace and mutual upbuilding.

Finally, we apologize for the confusion our wording caused.

Warmly in his bonds,

Pastor Kenny