Sunday School Classes

Adult Sunday School

Psalms for the Heart, with Rev. Daryl Wattley (N105)
Come learn how to read the Psalms and discover how the Psalms harness your emotions to drive you closer to God. Tremper Longman’s How to Read the Psalms will be our guide.

Wrestling with The Bible, with Elder Mike Godfrey  (N103)
Hebrews is our guide to look through the Old Testament and wrestle with apparent contradictions or tension points in the scriptures to come to a greater understanding and appreciation for God’s word. We will practice different interpretation tools to equip ourselves to read the Bible with more focus, enjoyment, and a more comprehensive view of what it is that the Lord is telling us.

Women’s Class, with Connie Foster (Room N104)
Does God hear me? This class will be doing a book/video series called, “It’s Not Supposed to be This Way,” by Lysa Terkeust. Our goal is to find unexpected strength when disappointments leave you shattered.

Discover Grace, with Pastor Kenny Foster (Sanctuary)
Are you new to Grace Church? Or have you been around a while but would like to know more about the church? The Discover Grace Seminar is a great way to connect with the vision, beliefs, and mission of our church. This seminar is also the first step in becoming a member at Grace. It will run from January 15 – February 12. Registration needed.

Financial Peace, Ray Harbeson and Dave Brown (S203)
If you’ve ever felt like you just can’t get in control of your money, you’re not alone. But it’s time for your struggle to end—starting today. Cost of course materials and website access are $79.99.  For those attending and completing all 9 course lessons, Grace Church will reimburse the $80 at the end of the course. Registration needed. 

Hosea, Carlton Walker (N102)
Even the tiny books of the Old Testament can have impact in our hurried lives. Did God really have a plan for the prophet Hosea? God’s character, love and forgiveness are on display and illustrated in this book.

Children’s Sunday School

Kids Korner (ages 0-3) (Nursery Room)
Coordinator: Emily Haller
Curriculum: The Gospel Project (Genesis)
Children will begin a journey that takes them through the entire Bible in just 3 years. This semester, they will learn through stories and activities about God’s creation and how he reveals his salvation and glory through many different people while also learning about the salvation he has given to them.

PreK-Grade 1  Priscilla Alexander and Rahael Tyson; 
Kara and Steve Markoya (N208)
They are excited to do a Westminster Shorter Catechism study designed for lower elementary.

Grades 2-3  Jen Godfrey and Susan Harman with Donna Birkmaier (N201)
This class will be reading and studying the book of Esther and beginning the study of Mark.

Grade 4Sue Brown with Matilda Decker (N206)
We anticipate enthusiasm studying the entire Westminster Shorter Catechism deigned for upper elementary. 

Grade 5  Angela Peacock and Stella Twumasi (N207)
This class will be reading and studying the book of John this winter quarter.

All grades are memorizing I John 4:7-12 – learning what God’s love is and how we need to love our neighbors.

Youth Sunday School

Junior High  Karen Phillips (N202)
We will take time to dig deeper into the Westminster Shorter Catechism. It will culminate with a chance for the youth to consider church membership.

Senior High  John Haller with David Harman (N203)
We will be using the inductive study method to work through the book of Joshua.