Future Growth Building Fund 2020 Update

Continuing Construction Program

Last November, following completion of our site improvements, the Building and Grounds Committee requested that the Future Growth Building Fund be kept open for contributions and, as money became available, small projects to prepare the way for future building expansion would be done.  The projects identified by the Building and Grounds Committee to be advanced next were as follows:

  1. North Building Door Cover A small cover over the exterior doors from the parking lot to the North Building. This project is necessary to provide a covered connection to the larger proposed covered drop-off over the driveway at the North Building.  Depending on the materials we ultimately choose, we expect this project to cost up to $6,000.
  2. New Second Floor Storage Room In the new Connector Building floor plan one of the new storage rooms to be created is actually in part of the existing room S203 in the South Building.  The Committee determined that we could actually construct this room now with volunteer labor from our church.  Depending on what materials we ultimately choose, this project is anticipated to cost between $1,000 and $2,000.
  3. Covered Driveway Drop-off to the North Building Along with the construction of a new Connector Building, we included a covered driveway drop-off to the North Building to make it easier for attendees to access the church when we have inclement weather.  Since this drop-off is not physically connected to the Connector Building, it can be constructed before the Connector Building itself.  Construction of this project is expected to cost $40,000 or more.
  4. Relocate North Building Electric Service The central electric service panel for the North Building is actually located in the Connector Hall adjacent to the Coffee Bar area.  Before any construction of a new Connector Building can begin, this electric service needs to be relocated into the North Building. While we would receive no immediate benefit from this move, having it moved in advance would greatly simplify the construction of the new Connector Building in the future. It is estimated that this move could cost us between $10,000 and $12,000.

Thanks to many of you who have continued to contribute, the Building Fund has increased over the past year from $3,582.99 to $22,064.13. The Building and Grounds Committee has started to move forward with the first two projects and we have even contacted an architect about completing our plans for project 3 (the driveway cover).  We have been delayed by the COVID virus from actually moving forward on construction of any of these projects this year, but with income continuing to come in, we may actually have enough funding to construct the door cover and the driveway cover at the same time in 2021. 

As God leads the way by providing financial resources through all of you who continue to contribute to the Building Fund beyond your normal tithe, we will continue to advance each one of these projects in the order above. As promised, the Building and Grounds Committee will continue keep everyone informed of progress as we go forward by updating and distributing the attached chart each year.  

Questions on any of these projects can be directed to Mike Arthur (Facility Manager) or any of our committee members; Holly Pfeifer, John Tullis, Jay Pearson, Robert Jones, Dave Brown, Fred Janssen, Dona Kauth and Ray Harbeson (Chair).