Help Us Take a Measurement

Surveyors take measurements of a piece of property to see how the land lays, and where the boundaries lie, and to help determine what can be built on the lot. The pastoral staff needs your help to survey the lay of the times of the Worship service and Sunday School. You might ask, “Why should the worship times and the Sunday School times change? Good question! COVID has been the reason we are in one service now. However, COVID cases are down, and we want to encourage people to come back to in-person service. Also, since last year the pastoral staff has deliberated when and how to return to two services. But during the Christmas and Easter services, two times when we usually have enough attendance for two services, the second service, both times, was sparsely attended. With these instances in view, it is unclear how many would be attending a second service. That uncertainty makes it difficult to ask more of our volunteers. Do you see the dilemma? Now this may change in the future when more people start coming back and when we have our worship director and the Dillons serving here with us.

For these reasons, we want your help in determining what time changes to make regarding Sunday School and the Worship service. We want to determine what is the optimal time that all of us can live with and whereby we can serve our neighbors, too.  

Worship is our highest priority and building up and equipping disciples enables us to gather worshipers. The information you supply will help us continue the pursuit of the vision and mission God has given us. 

Please click the button below to complete a brief survey. If you don’t have an email address but would like to participate you can call the church office. The survey should be turned in by May 27, 2022. We would love to have everybody participate as we want to consider each person’s input. Thank you for your help. May the Lord help our boundary lines fall in pleasant places!