Of Ongoing Community and Limiting Communicability – Covid-19 Update

In the ongoing challenge that COVID-19 presents and our response, there recently have been a few changes. 

Due to the rise in coronavirus cases, the governor has modified the number of seats for indoor meetings. He has limited businesses and churches to 30% capacity up to 100. For us this means we can seat about 75 people in the sanctuary and the gym. Outdoors has been limited to 50. The age recommendation has been lifted for houses of worship, too. 

This means that reserving a seat for in person services is extremely important. This helps our volunteers in the preparation and cleaning. You can RSVP beginning Sunday afternoon through Thursday morning at 9:00 AM. 

Please continue to wear your face covering while indoors. Outdoors doesn’t require the face covering if you can maintain social distance. If you can’t maintain social distance while outdoors, please wear face covering. This is not to protect yourself, but it is to protect your neighbor. 

This being Thanksgiving, pray and give thanks, to the Lord who has kept us safe thus far in our gathering. Glorify God and enjoy the family! 

Pastor Kenny Foster’s lasted Covid-19 Update