The Christmas Store

The Christmas Store is one way of helping parents who are struggling to have the dignity of giving a toy to their children that they were able to purchase themselves. There is a unique feeling of satisfaction to giving your children gifts that you were able to purchase. Your child receiving gifts purchased by someone else is not as satisfying and strips away the dignity. So, the Christmas Store helps impoverished families, single parents, grandparents raising their grandchildren, etc. to have that opportunity to purchase new toys at a greatly reduced price.

You can help by donating cash/check (please write Christmas Store in the memo line for all donations) for the Christmas Store, donating new toys for the Christmas Store and volunteering to staff, setup and cleanup. We would like to have an inventory of 500 new toys and about $1,500.00 dollars to shop for the store. The collection of toys can begin now through December 1. Look for the decorated toy bin in the lobby.