Transition Update – Children’s Ministry

If the babies aren’t cryin’, the church is dyin’! Through the process of our transition, God has been gracious in continuing to bring a younger generation into our church. We are also thankful that we do hear many babies cryin’ on Sunday morning! With more children, come more responsibilities on our part. Though the primary responsibility of a child’s spiritual growth is from their parents, we are also charged with assisting in this vital task. When an infant or child is baptized, we as a church declare that we will “undertake the responsibility of assisting the parents in the Christian nurture of this child” (BCO 56-5). What are some ways that we can do this?

  • Pray for the children in our church and those volunteering to teach them in Kids Korner, Children’s Worship, and Sunday School.
  • Get involved with our children’s ministry by attending or volunteering for the various events and activities.
  • Become a regular volunteer for Kids Korner, Children’s Worship, or Children’s Sunday School.
  • Spend time with and encourage parents with young children, and maybe even offer to babysit once in a while!

Let us continue to praise God for raising up generations of faithful Christians in our church for the last 40+ years, and let us pray that he continues to raise up the next generation to love and serve him all for his kingdom and glory. For more information about the children’s ministry or if you would like to volunteer, please contact Emily Haller.