Our Core Values

What is it that makes Grace Church distinctly what it is? The first way to answer this question is to consider the doctrinal commitments that we embrace. Those are the creeds and summaries of what we believe the Bible teaches about God, man, salvation, the Bible, the church, the world, etc. As a church, Grace Church stands with all churches in affirming the Apostle’s Creed, and with the Protestant and Reformed churches in affirming the teachings of the Westminster Confession of Faith. It is these doctrinal standards that inform our Christian world and life view.

However, in every time and place a church must decide how these doctrinal commitments will be taught and lived out within the context in which it finds itself. This could be called the theological vision of the congregation. This is what we are calling our “core values and beliefs” or “philosophy of ministry.”

Worship and The Great Commission are Central

  • Corporate worship is the centerpiece of our life as a community.
  • The Great Commission is the Primary Task of our Church.
  • The Great Commission Calls Us To Make Disciples Of All People.
  • The celebration of the gospel is at the heart of our worship.
  • Our community is our primary target for carrying out the Great Commission.
  • Our Goal is to Reach All Peoples in our Community.
  • Our Worship Reflects the Diverse Origins and Cultures of our Community. 

The Gospel Transforms Lives

  • The Gospel means “good news.”
  • The gospel is the power of God to transform lives.

The Growth of the Church Extends the Kingdom of God

  • The kingdom of God is extended through the growth of the church.
  • The kingdom of God impacts all aspects of human existence.