And Who Is My Neighbor?

Kenny Foster

July 10, 2022


Sermon by Kenny Foster, Senior Pastor, from Psalm 82 and Luke 10:25-37
Many people are familiar with what is perhaps Jesus’ best known short story, “The Good Samaritan”. However, few are acquainted with the context in which the story is told. Moreover, even less have considered the far reaching implications of the story! This is a story that begins with a man’s self-justification, leading to the community’s devastation, and ending with the man’s self-condemnation. This sermon will show us how self-justification does more harm than good and brings no relief to the suffering. But thankfully that is not where the story ends, it doesn’t leave us broken! The story teaches us that the relief and healing the community needs comes through mercy. The best example of said mercy is Jesus, the true and better Good Samaritan.