For the Lamb…Will be Their Shepherd

Kenny Foster

November 14, 2021


Sermon by Kenny Foster, Senior Pastor, from Jeremiah 3:14-17 & Revelation 7:9-17 If discipleship is following Jesus then to what destination are we being led? This Sunday we are at the end of our series on discipleship. Our discipleship is following Jesus. Furthermore, we’ve said that active discipleship stewards the unity that God has given us in Christ. This stewarding calls for us to be faithful until we reach our destination, which is the presence of God. To help us get to the presence of God, the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be our shepherd. The Lamb graciously gives us shepherds who share his heart. Their role is to feed us with knowledge and understanding. Knowledge and understanding of what? Knowledge and understanding of who we are as a people, the place where we will dwell, and the presence that shelters us. It is the good news of the gospel that gives the disciple all of these things. And the stewardship of our unity has as its final destination the presence of the God and the Lamb.