For the Word of the Cross Is…

Kenny Foster

January 22, 2023


Sermon by Kenny Foster, Senior Pastor, from Isaiah 9:1-4 & I Corinthians 1:10-18.
The Corinthian Church is not too different from today’s church. They had factious fights, starstruck followers, and attempts to strip the cross of its effect. People were looking for power in their lives then and now.  But how you respond to the word of the cross will determine if you are foolish and perishing in your search, or, in your search, you are being saved and experiencing  the power of God. What is the word of the cross? From our text we see that it is based in the character of Christ, evidenced by unity in Christ, that is strengthened by preaching Christ’s cross, so that who you are is revealed by the word of the cross. This third Sunday after Epiphany makes manifest the Living Word of the cross as the point where the former and latter times of Isaiah 9:1 meets. If you are feeling powerless, suffering divisions, and the joy of your salvation is suffering from anemia, you need to know what the good news of word of the cross is to be for your soul.