Love Does No Harm

Kenny Foster

September 6, 2020


Psalm 119:33-40 and Romans 13:8-14

Our Scripture reading for this Sunday continues looking through the lens of God’s mercy. Paul has never left the idea of love that results from the mercy of God, but he sees all of life’s nooks and crannies are places where love is expressed overtly and disproportionately to the evil that is present. Love and the goodness it pursues is to overwhelm evil. This sermon’s focus will remind us that the church has a priority to express this love that does no harm. Love is an unfinished debt that fulfills the law, understanding the times, while utilizing Christ’s  love.

Love that does no harm to its neighbor is not a love that we can produce. It has to be given to us and we have to be taught. But from whom can we learn? Where do we get the power to love without harming? Psalm 119 instructs us that the Lord teaches, gives, directs, turns, takes away and preserves, all according to his law. His law is love! How gracious is our God?
If you want more than law and order, look to the Lord for his love does no harm.