Make Them Known to Your Children

Kenny Foster

June 2, 2024


Sermon by Kenny Foster, Associate Pastor, from Deuteronomy 4:9-14 & I John 2:12-14. This Sunday is Next Gen Sunday. During this time we seek to communicate to our young people their value, the value of the gospel and the practice of that value. What this sermon will show is that we are not to live for ourselves but for the generations that are coming up behind us. How? By following the command of the covenant. The command of the covenant is always related to the action that God takes within the covenant to deliver us from bondage and death. Each generation is to know what God has done. The way they know it is that the previous generation was to make it known. They make it known, not through just talk, but through their actions. Actions that are predicated on the saving action that God had taken. This passing on of the truth of God’s salvation is a stabilizing presentation of the desire of God to dwell with the humanity. In a world of shifting foundations of ideas, identities, politics, and religions, the covenant we have with God through Jesus Christ is a sure foundation that is unchanging and leaves us in the land (earth) when all others are swept away.