Prayer and the Sovereignty of God

Joshua Suh

February 21, 2021


Sermon by Joshua Suh, Associate Pastor, from Genesis 18:16-26 & Romans 8:26-30
We will spend this season of Lent learning and meditating upon the topic of prayer. This week begins the first of a five-week sermon series on prayer and the sovereignty of God. Many Christians know that we should pray and know that it is demanded of us in Christians life, yet we often neglect this spiritual discipline. Some of this is attributed to our outlook on prayer. If God already knows, if he has already foreordained, if he fulfills everything according to his will, then why should I pray? What will my prayers do? We learn from Scripture that God even works through our prayer and reveals himself to us. So as Christians we delight in the privilege of praying to our Lord by His Spirit.