That All Nations Might Believe and Obey

Kenny Foster

December 20, 2020


Kenny Foster, Senior Pastor, Psalm 89:1-4, 19-26 and Romans 16:25-27
This fourth Sunday of Advent’s Scripture reading gives us the perfect benediction to the Advent of Christ. For as Christ’s coming is the perfect gift for humankind this doxology at the end of Romans unwraps for us the meaning of this gift. Namely, “that all nations might believe and obey him.” Paul says this is “my gospel” that is a mystery hidden for long ages past, revealed through the prophetic writings by the command of God so that all nations might believe and obey him “through Jesus Christ!”

The passage instructs us in the who, what, why and how of believing and obeying him. This is in keeping with our church’s vision and mission. Our vision and mission is to love and serve our community and world with the good news of Jesus Christ. Bringing people together across the lines of race and class to worship and follow Jesus. When the gift of Christ is lived by the people of God, the true meaning of Christmas is made known to a world that is longing for love, peace and unity.