They All Ate and Were Satisfied

Kenny Foster

August 2, 2020


Text: Isaiah 55:1-5 & Matthew 14:13-21

This week we return to the lectionary reading in Matthew’s gospel and Isaiah’s prophecy. Both texts are speaking about hunger being satisfied.

When you are traveling, you will get hungry and knowing where to eat is important. If that is true about physical hunger, then it is probably equally true when we are spiritually hungry. We live in a spiritually hungry culture. Our culture, for all of its richness, struggles to find a place to satiate its hunger. Politics is not enough. Drugs won’t work. Pleasures are like junk food. When traveling through life, these food options will not bring the nourishment needed to continue the journey!  And what is the Christian supposed to feed on in this “convenience store” culture?

This sermon’s focus is about finding satisfaction when we are spiritually hungry. From our reading we find there is a reason for the hunger, a responsibility to the hungry and the remains after eating. God makes an offer to us as we to “Come and buy wine and milk without money and without cost.” (Isa. 55:1) His offer is in a promised person, Jesus Christ. He is the one from whom everyone that eats, all are satisfied.