Why Are You So Afraid?

Kenny Foster

June 20, 2021


This week’s Scripture reading brings us to the familiar story of Christ calming the storm on the sea. This story is recorded by Mark, but many Bible scholars are certain that it is Peter who gives Mark the information. So we have a first hand account of what happened on the boat that day. This story reminds us of the providence of God. Providence is the doctrine that teaches us that God is in control even though it looks chaotic, even when facing storms in our life. Though we may believe that God is in control, when storms come, we find it hard to believe that God would let us go through something horrible. Yet the question that Jesus put to the disciples is one that speaks to our hearts as well when he asks, “Why are you so afraid?”
This sermon will show us the benefits and beauty of trusting in the providence of God. In discovering the benefits and beauty of the Lord’s providence we welcome the invitation to travel with the Lord, we respect the storm, know that God’s providence is greater, and worship strengthens our faith in the Lord of the storm.
There are all types of storms that come into our lives and producing fear. But where is your faith? God’s providence at work in the life of Jesus displaces our fear and feeds our faith. The gospel is the good news that God’s ways are best and his eternal decrees are fulfilled even when it looks like chaos is winning. Through Jesus, everyone whose faith is in him will get to the other side, so that they will exclaim and give thanks that the wind and the sea obey his voice!