Change of Support

News services recently reported that Bethany Christian Services has changed to its policy, opening up foster parenting and adoption to LGBT families nationwide.  In March, the Grace Session decided to suspend our current budgeted support of Bethany while asking Bethany directly for their rationale. The Session received a response from Bethany which can be summarized by saying that they now hold that the definition of marriage/family is an area where bible-believing Christians can disagree and that their priority is on showing compassion to children in need of foster care and adoption (as opposed to leaving them unplaced). In April the Session further discussed Bethany’s response; the Session did not conclude that Bethany’s direction is always or fully wrong but did decide to look for an alternative pro-life, pro-family ministry for adoption and fostering which retains a biblical view of marriage/family. Funds will be held in reserve until this search is concluded. If you have any questions, please talk to one of the pastors or elders.