Congregational Survey Results

Due to the ongoing circumstances of COVID-19 that continue to affect our church, the staff has decided not to return to two services at this time and continue with one worship service at 9:15am and Sunday school at 11:00am. However, the results from the survey show that we will be able to go back to two services in due time. You can find detailed survey results below. There were 121 participants. Please pray with us for wisdom and discernment as we continue to monitor the readiness and safety of our church in returning to two services. Thank you.

  1. Are you currently attending Grace regularly in person?
    -Yes – 100 (82.6%)
    -No – 21 (17.4%)
  2. If our attendance in person can be accommodated in one service (sanctuary and gym) and we decide to wait before restoring two services, what time do you prefer for our worship?
    -9:15am worship with 11:00am Sunday School – 80 (66.1%)
    -10:30am worship with 9:15am Sunday School – 17 (14%)
    -11:00am worship with 9:45am Sunday School – 17 (14%)
    -10:00am worship with 8:45am Sunday School – 7 (5.9%)
  3. What is your preference about attending worship in the gym?
    -I’m fine with attending in the gym if the sanctuary is full – 92 (76%)
    -I am not willing to attend in the gym – 18 (14.9%)
    -I prefer the gym over the sanctuary – 11 (9.1%)
  4. Do you have children who attend Children’s worship? (K4 – 4th grade)
    -No – 93 (76.9%)
    -Yes – 28 (23.1%)
  5. If we need 2 in person services, but we only have staff for children’s worship in one service, which service would you prefer to have children’s worship?
    -1st service – 22 (78.6%)
    -2nd service – 5 (17.9%)
    -Any service – 1 (3.5%)
  6. If we need 2 services, which of the following service and Sunday School time configuration would you prefer?
    -9:15am worship only, 9:45am adult Sunday School class, 11:00am worship and Sunday School (all ages) simultaneously – 51 (42.1%)
    -8:30am worship, 10:00am Sunday School, 11:00am worship – 22 (18.2%)
    -No preference – 20 (16.5%)
    -9:15am worship and Sunday School (all ages), 11:00am worship only – 14 (11.6%)
    -8:15am worship, 9:50am Sunday School, 11:00am worship – 14 (11.6%)
  7. If we have 2 in person services, would you be willing to volunteer in any way on an occasional basis for either service?
    -Yes – 92 (76%)
    -No – 17 (14%)
    -Other – 12 (10%