Spring 2024 Sunday School Classes

We are excited about this year and pray that God will continue to help us grow up in Him for his glory.

  • All Sunday school classes are from 11:25 AM-12:20 PM.
  • There will be lunch at the church for everyone after Sunday school at 12:30 PM.
  • Youth Group (every week) and Sunday Funday (every 1st Sunday) will now be after Sunday school from 12:30 PM-2:30 PM beginning with our church lunch fellowship.

Grace Sunday School Classes (1/7-5/26)

*All classes being on Sunday 1/7 at 11:25 AM

Children’s Sunday School

  • Kids Korner (ages 0-3) (Nursery Room)
    Coordinator: Emily Haller
    Curriculum: The Gospel Project (Genesis)
  • Pre-K (Room N201)
    Teacher: Nicki Manno
    Assistant: Kayla Alston
    Curriculum: Joyful Life
  • 1st-2nd Grade (Room N208)
    Teacher: Kara Markoya, Tricia Crocker
    Assistants: Steve Markoya, Donna Birkmaier
    Curriculum: Children Desiring God
  • 3rd Grade (Room N209)
    Teacher: Emily Haller, Jack Markoya
    Assistants: Jennifer Godfrey, Paige Markoya
    Curriculum: Children Desiring God
  • 4th Grade (Room N206)
    Teachers: Sue Brown, Erica Marrero, Rahael Tyson
    Curriculum: Westminster Shorter Catechism
  • 5th Grade (Room N207)
    Teachers: Angela Peacock, Cristina Bromley
    Curriculum: Children Desiring God

Youth Sunday School

  • Jr. High (6th-8th) (Room N202)
    Teacher: Karen Phillips
  • Curriculum: Westminster Shorter Catechism
  • Sr. High (9th-12th) (Room N203)
    Teacher: John Haller
  • Curriculum: Being a Disciple: Counting the Real Cost

Adult Sunday School

  • The Book of Revelation with Rev. Dave Horner (Room N102)
    Have you ever read the final book of the Bible, but have been intimidated or confused by the language and imagery in the chapters? Join others in studying the deep wisdom and knowledge of the end times given to us through God’s revelation to the Apostle John.
  • Sermon Discussion with Rev. Joshua Suh (Room N103)
    This will be a time to review the morning sermon, ask questions, engage in discussion, and share what God has taught you. This is an opportunity especially for non-native English speakers to better understand God’s Word. 주일 말씀을 다시 살펴보며 설교에 대해 질문을 하고 서로에게 은혜를 나누는 시간입니다. Esta será una oportunidad para repasar el sermón dominical, hacer preguntas y compartir lo que Dios le ha enseñado.
  • Women’s Class, with Connie Foster (Room N104)
    The Women’s Sunday School class will be an opportunity to declare God’s goodness! We will have times of fellowship, prayer and encouragement. Come, share, and enjoy!
  • The Psalms of David with Joy LaPrade (Room N105)
    This discussion-based class will look at David’s life and relationship with God using Psalms he wrote in response to events in 1 and 2 Samuel. By studying these Psalms and the stories they’re related to, we’ll learn about prayer, Old Testament history, how the Psalms have been used by God’s people over the centuries, and be challenged to grow in our relationships with God and others.
  • Discover Grace with Rev. Kenny Foster (Room S203)
    Are you new to Grace Church, or have you been around a while but would like to know more about the church? The Discover Grace Seminar is a great way to connect with the vision, beliefs, and mission of our church. This seminar is also the first step in becoming a member at Grace.