Transition Focus: Worship Behind the Scenes

Part of the ongoing transition of the church is being able to serve our congregation both physically and remotely. Sometimes we don’t realize how many different parts of the Sunday worship service need to work together in order for it to run smoothly. Apart from the ministries that are visible like the praise team, choir, or orchestra, there are several ministries working behind the scenes.

  • The sound team runs the sound throughout the entire worship service in the sanctuary, gym, and online. It is because of the sound team that the Word of God can be heard clearly by those attending both in person and remotely.
  • The projector team handles all of the visuals of the worship service including all the slides shown on screen and videos shown during the service. Through this ministry, the Word of God is more powerfully communicated and unifies us to be of the same mind.
  • The video team is in charge of the visual recording of the worship service. Through this ministry, those who are not present in the sanctuary (gym and online) are still able to join in worship together, and with the service uploaded onto various online platforms, the Word of God can be accessed by many who are in need of God.

All of these ministries are integral to our weekly worship services. Though we may not be able to see it, many people give their time and resources every week to help the rest of the congregation enjoy worship to God. Please pray for these ministries and if you are interested in helping any of these teams, contact Pastor Joshua Suh.