A Spirit Doesn’t Have Flesh and Bone

Kenny Foster

April 18, 2021


Sermon by Kenny Foster, Senior Pastor, from Psalm 4:1-8 & Luke 24:36-48
The ultimate question of every heart is asked in Psalm 4:6, “There are many who say, “Who will show us some good?” The questioner is looking for tangible, concrete evidence of good. The most beneficial, most reliable, most satisfying thing the human heart can sink into. The heart cries out for substantive, life-sustaining good.
The trouble is that when good comes to us we find it hard to believe. That is what the disciples encountered in the risen Lord. IN the midst of their grief they were looking for God to show them some good. Not an abstraction, but something tangible. And God, who is the original materialist, loves the material world, and through it God loves to show us the concrete evidence of his goodness. But why a body that isn’t a ghost? Ghost’s can’t experience the sensations of all the goodness God has to offer. (vs36-39) Ghosts can’t absorb the truth that they’re exposed to.(vs 44) Ghosts don’t make substantial witnesses to the things God has done. (vs46b-48) So the answer to the question, “Who will show us some good?” is Jesus; the bodily resurrected Lord. Does it get any better than life continuing after death? Can it be any better than God putting more joy in your heart than if you had hit the lottery? (Psalm 4:7) Matter matters more to God than to the most ardent materialist. It is proven in Jesus rising from the dead. And Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is to bring us such deep comfort and assurance that we are ready to face anyone, go through anything, and vanquish every attack, since we know that he has the power of an indestructible life that he also shares with all whose faith is in him.