Eat and Worship

Kenny Foster

February 25, 2024


Sermon by Kenny Foster, Associate Pastor Psalm 22:23-31 & Mark 8:31-38. Appetites are funny things. We start out in life not knowing our appetites and as we grow we tend to let them run amuck. Then the older you get you realize that your appetites need to be disciplined so that they don’t kill you. (This is not overstating the matter!) We spend most of our lives thinking that it is right to give our hearts whatever it wants. But, how does one learn to control his or her appetite? The answer is the focus of this sermon on the second Sunday of Lent. Worship of the Lord shows us how our appetites are out of order, the way to reform them, and where they find their satisfaction. Lent is not about self-denial, but it is about formation. What is being formed in us as we eat and worship? It is learning to give up the lesser things that we love and loving the only One who matters above all else, and through whom we are given everything.