God Raised Him

Kenny Foster

March 31, 2024


Sermon by Kenny Foster, Associate Pastor Isaiah 25:6-9 & Acts 10:34-43. Christians everywhere celebrate Easter, because God raised Jesus from the dead. Why does Christ’s resurrection matter more than other stories of resurrection? Because Christ’s resurrection causes us to know God, understand the depth of our need, and what God has done to change the outcome of the great cosmic struggle that oppresses all humanity. What we learn from the resurrection of Christ is that with God there is no discrimination, but through Christ God relieves us from oppression, providing salvation, which enables participation in the proclamation of this justification. Because God raised Jesus from the dead, people from every nation are brought into the presence of God and together they testify to the glory of Jesus. And, since God raised Jesus, death now becomes the way in which all who believe in him are made better.