Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So

Kenny Foster

February 5, 2023


Sermon by Kenny Foster, Senior Pastor, from Psalm 107:1-9 & Acts &:44-53
This is the first sermon in a series of messages out of Our Daily Bread’s devotional book titled, “On the Shoulders of Giants.” This message based on the reading of February 1st is one that focuses on cultivating a heart for celebrating the redemption that God brings to his people. The story of redemption is one that is larger and grander than any one culture. No one culture can claim that they have cornered the market on God’s redemption! Yet Christ saves people from every ethnicity. We don’t naturally celebrate this truth. In America the division of faith between Black and White believers is still tense, but it shouldn’t be since we are both saved through the same Savior and then placed in the same Body of Christ! Celebrating and rehearsing stories of what God did to save us is key to cultivating a heart for celebrating the redeeming power of God. This month’s testimonies of how God saved Black people is encouraging to other people who are being saved. Cultivating a heart for celebrating the redemption of God’s people requires you to know what you’ve been redeemed from, while being certain of where this redemption leads, and deriving satisfaction in how this redemption comes to us, yet being careful of the consequences of misunderstanding redemption’s history.