The Promise Rests on Grace

Kenny Foster

June 11, 2023


Sermon by Kenny Foster, Senior Pastor, from Genesis 12:1-9 & Romans 4:13-25.
It is without a doubt that the biggest struggle in the heart of a Christian is the struggle to believe salvation is by grace alone through faith alone. The human heart always wants to do something to appropriate the promise of God. We want to say, “it was our decision. It was the prayer I prayed. It is the effort I make at doing right, being a good moral, decent person. These appropriate for me the promise of God.” But the scripture speaks to us of the “righteousness of faith”; a righteousness that depends on grace alone. Paul makes a reasonable and clear argument that the promise to Abraham rests on grace. (Rom. 4:16) The righteousness of faith and the promise that rests on grace wasn’t for Abraham alone, but it is for us also. At the heart of the good news of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf is the grace of God. This sermon will demonstrate how the promise is activated in our lives through grace. And for the children of the promise, those who believe as Abraham did, this grace, upon which the promise rests, changes everything.