Walk In Newness of Life

Joshua Suh

June 25, 2023


Sermon by Joshua Suh, Associate Pastor, from Genesis 21:9-20a & Romans 6:1-4.
As we continue to look at the covenant of God to Abraham, we are met with a part of Abraham’s story that might make us a little uncomfortable. As a result of Abraham’s (and Sarah’s) mistake, Hagar and Ishmael are forced to leave and survive on their own. Though sad, this part of Abraham’s story reminds us of the love that God has not only for his “chosen” people, but also for those who are “left out” and without hope. It is a reminder that God’s covenant extends to both Jew and Gentile; all those who have been united to Christ in his death and resurrection. It is the great saving work and this new life we have been given, that we celebrate in coming to the Lord’s table.