Wretched Man That I Am!

Kenny Foster

July 9, 2023


Sermon by Kenny Foster, Senior Pastor, from Zechariah 9:9-12 & Romans 7:15-25.
This week we begin a short series titled, “Kinship: The path to and destination of the adopted children of God.” Over the next several weeks we are going to take a look at the glorious gift of being adopted by God. Adoption is a beautiful thing that takes one who has no family, or their family has fallen apart, and they are then placed within a new family. Thus adoption begins with rescue. Most people are familiar with the story of Lil Orphan Annie. Annie’s story is one of rags to riches. But there is another story that is more befitting for those who are adopted into the family of God. It is Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.” In writing that short story, Stevenson must have read Romans chapter 7, as he aptly describes the human dilemma of the dual natures battling within us and our inability to change. Dr Jekyll describes the plight as “old and commonplace as man…that same inducements and alarms cast the die for any tempted and trembling sinner; and it fell out with me, as it falls with so vast a majority of my fellows, that I chose the better part and was found wanting in the strength to keep to it.” Jekyll could have cried, “O wretched man that I am!” The orphaned soul needs rescue! Does God rescue those who are trapped and are powerless in the orphanage of sin? Is there a reply to cry of the wretched person looking for deliverance? Every Christian needs to know the prayer for deliverance is answered by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through faith in Jesus we are transformed from prisoners of opposing principles to prisoners of hope…the hope of being like Christ.