You Tolerate That Woman Jezebel

Kenny Foster

October 23, 2022


Sermon by Kenny Foster, Associate Pastor, from 2 Kings 9:21-26 & Revelation 2:18-29
This Sunday’s message is the fourth sermon in the series of the gospel and human sexuality. The focus is on discipleship and our sexuality. The gospel is good news for the sexually broken because the character of Jesus is shown in his gracious contending with the brokenness of his servants and the gracious calling to repent so that judgment that fell on him doesn’t fall on them. The gospel is good news that sexually broken people can be servants of Christ. As servants of Christ, they find strength to overcome the things that would seduce them to sin through that same grace that has been given through Christ’s suffering for them.  It is this offer of grace that enables them to hold fast in the midst of a culture that doesn’t want to restrain the passions of its sexual brokenness, of which Jezebel is emblematic. Discipleship is stewarding your sexuality in a way that honors the words of God, spoken and fulfilled by by the Son of God. The gospel empowers us to remove Jezebel’s influence and her “children” by the power of the One whose feet are like burnished bronze. This means Jesus is the One who has passed through the judgment for us, so that we can withstand the gaze of his eyes that are like a flame of fire. The healing and help for the sexual brokenness of Christ’s disciples can only come through Jesus Christ. He is our Alpha and Omega.