Transition Update – Jr. and Sr. High Youth Group

One of the transitions we continue to make as a church is a generational transition. As many of our members become older and wiser, we desire to see our church continue to grow through a younger generation and their families. A vital part of this process is raising up the next generation of Christ followers through the Jr. and Sr. High Youth Group. For decades, Rick Barr pastored and led our church’s youth, some who are now parents with youth of their own in our church! We thank God for His ministry through Pastor Barr, and now look forward to the ongoing ministry He is doing through John Haller and the team of youth workers. A lot goes into raising up a generation. There are weekly gatherings, Sunday schools, and special events ongoing throughout the year. Youth group is fun and exciting, but it’s not just about hanging out and playing games. It is about investing time, wisdom, and God’s Word to help a generation of young people know and love God better. God has called us first to be older and hopefully more mature Christians, that we should impart our spiritual wisdom and experiences to teach this younger generation. Just as God commanded the Israelites as a people to raise up the next generation in His ways, we are called as a church to be involved in helping this next generation know Christ. So, here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Pray for the Jr. and Sr. High Youth Group students and volunteers.
  • Get to know our Youth Group by attending or volunteering for the various Youth events and activities.
  • Become a regular volunteer for Youth Sunday School.
  • Become a youth mentor by investing time and resources.
  • Encourage and spend time with our youth parents.
  • Pray for upcoming events this winter:
    • Kick-off event for kids K-12 on Sunday, January 16th at the church
    • Weekly Sunday School and youth group meetings
    • Planning for this summer’s mission trip

For more information about youth or if you would like to volunteer, please contact John Haller (302.531.7220).