Take Heart; It is I… Part 2

Kenny Foster

August 20, 2023


Sermon by Kenny Foster, Senior Pastor, from Psalm 85:8-13 & Matthew 14 22-33.
Life is often chaotic. And the chaos can come upon you suddenly like the pounding waves of a wind tossed sea. This is the disciples’ experience on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus told them get in the boat while he dismissed the crowd, but then Jesus goes off by himself. They are left alone and subjected to the will of the wind and the waves as they conclude that the danger at sea is going to be their undoing. What are the disciples supposed to do? Where is their help and hope? Furthermore, what do you do when chaos comes into your world? How do you become steadfast when it appears that everything is against you? The children of God are the ones who should know that God is good all the time. And they should know that God, through the goodness and grace of Christ, knows how to end chaos and evil without ending them.