Take Heart; It is I…

Kenny Foster

August 13, 2023


Sermon by Kenny Foster, Senior Pastor, from Psalm 85:8-13 & Matthew 14:22-33.
Healthy Christian living is learning how to trust in Jesus regardless of the things that life throws at you. As we live our lives we are always being tested. This is clear from the story of the Israelites to the story of Peter’s sinking in the waves. Life’s tests can leave you feeling like you are isolated and alone in the boat. The crowds are gone and the Lord is off praying, and you are being battered by the winds that are against you and your faith is dissipating. How do you get a faith that will survive the tests that life brings? You need to learn to “hear what God the Lord will speak.” (Psa. 85:8) In his word, he speaks peace. In his word you find the place where steadfast love and faithfulness meet. This message will help you to learn how to apply the gospel’s truths to your heart so that your faith grows even though you are sinking in the waves.