The Spirit of Adoption As Sons Part 2

Kenny Foster

July 30, 2023


Sermon by Kenny Foster, Senior Pastor, from Psalm 86:11-17 & Romans 8:12-25. Last Sunday we began teaching how the Spirit of adoption as sons is where justice is at work in the rectification of all things. With this in mind, some appropriate questions to ask are: Why do you suppose that the gospel is good news? Why would good news become an occasion for suffering? If the content of the gospel is just the forgiveness of sin and deliverance from hell, resurrection from the dead, with an “and they all lived happily-ever-after ending”, why would any person, class, or government, deem that worthy of persecution? The truths of the gospel and its implications were shocking to Roman society as it changed the system of class and ended slavery. What did they perceive the gospel to be? The answer to these questions shocked the readers and the culture of 1st century Rome. The truth of this status change, being adopted as sons of God, and the justice that it has wrought, has to shock us before it transforms us. The gospel truly is good news because it is the power of God to bring justice and righteousness into the lives of those who were formerly orphans. And their restoration is the renewal that all of creation is waiting for.