The Spirit of Adoption As Sons

Kenny Foster

July 23, 2023


Sermon by Kenny Foster Senior Pastor, from Psalm 86:11-17 & Romans 8:12-25.
Kinship is a matter of justice and receiving the Spirit of adoption as sons is where justice is at work rectifying all things. We don’t often see the element of justice that is in the text because we are quick to make individualistic application of the benefits of being adopted. However the text reminds us we are no longer slaves who fall back into fear. Why? Because we have received the Spirit of adoption as sons. The Spirit is at work giving us a new obligation, as it releases us from oppression, shaping our outlook on the present, with the optimism of future salvation. In this message we hope to see the Roman’s text through the eyes of a first century slave. These slaves wouldn’t have rights, and weren’t seen as equals to the citizens of Rome, or the free persons. Furthermore, they didn’t have rights over their own bodies. So for that first century man, woman or child, this letter is making some very bold claims! But it is also encouraging them, reminding them that the children of God, who are waiting for justice, and the liberation of all creation, are waiting and working in a certain hope that their Father will make everything all right.